26, 2015. Closed at both ends to be looped around the neck, the scarf is a lightweight addition to warm-weather styles. Bea Ahbeck Casson/News-Sentinel Silky, snug and sophisticated: Lodi loves scarves Paper weave and chiffon scarves at Smart Alic, a Downtown Lodi store, on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015. View all 17 images in gallery. Scarves in history The first scarf is believed to have originated in Ancient Rome when Romans used a sudarium, Latin for sweat cloth to wipe their faces after exercise. The cloths were tied at the waist as belts or hung around the neck. Sculptures from China dating back to 1000 BC feature scarf-like square of cloth in design. In the 1600s, mercenaries wore colored scarves to indicate which side they were fighting for Pashmina in a war. French revolutionaries wore red, white and blue scarves to show political support in the 1700s.

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